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Clean windows go a long way to making out homes much more inviting but many people find cleaning them to be a very difficult or time-consuming job. It usually involves hanging from the top of a tall ladder and stretching out to get to the hard to reach places. Let us worry about getting your windows looking like new again. We’ll bring the equipment and experience needed to get the job done quickly, correctly, and safely!



Eavestroughs are there to safeguard our homes from water damage. Every year they can fill up with leaves and other debris witch can affect how well they are able offer such protection. Spring and fall are typically the best times to ensure there are no blockages which could result in poor drainage and property damage. We'll come in and professionally clean and flush your eaves and drain spouts to keep the water flowing freely. We also
inspect as we clean and will bring any potential problems to your
attention so that they can be addressed then and there.



Let’s face it: Once the snow melts every spring, you will always find leaves left over from the fall. You may even find tree branches that have been knocked down into your yard courtesy of our strong winter winds. Additionally, the weight of the snow will often flatten your grass, creating  dead patches or “winter kill.” Let us come in and clean up any debris that winter has left behind.

We can power rake your lawn to remove thatch and fluff up the grass. Your lawn may look a little thin after power raking, but it won’t take long to notice the results as power raking gives your lawn that much-needed head start towards a healthy summer of lush growth.

And oh, did we mention that we also offer spring and autumn garden tilling services? Yep, we do that too!



We provide a lawn mowing service customized to each customer. For example, we can provide weekly, on-call, or a one-time service, depending on your needs. We’ll mow, trim, and remove all clippings and debris each time. And of course, we’ll be careful not to scalp your lawn (or your flowers) when working around your flower beds!




In autumn, once most of the leaves have fallen, we can come in to do the clean-up to get your lawn ready for winter. We’ll get rid of all the leaves, branches, and other debris, and trim your hedges if so desired (this also would be a good time to do the eaves as well!)



We offer pressure washing to help remove spider webs and dirt or other debris to keep your home looking like new.



Often times the need for small repairs to your home and property will pop up. If left undone, these tasks can eventually become little overwhelming, or worse, cause much more damage and expense had they been addressed earlier on. Maybe your gate doesn’t close properly? Maybe you want to
change an existing light fixture to something a little newer or more modern? Or perhaps your sidewalk is sinking and you need it levelled out again? Whatever it may be, we’ll be happy to look at it to see if we can do the job (and do it cheaper than our competitors). However, if we are unable to do the work ourselves, we’ll let you know and offer to help you find a company that can!



During the long winter months, between snow fall and high winds, it may seem nearly impossible to keep your sidewalks and driveways clear of snow. Maybe you are going on a winter vacation and need someone to look after it while you are away? Whatever your snow clearing needs, we can work with you to make sure they are looked after be it regularly-scheduled appointments or on an as-needed basis.

Rooftop Snow


Snow and ice on your rooftop can cause many problems as excess snow accumulation can get very heavy and potentially lead to a collapse of the roof itself. Melting snow can also lead to “ice dams” which can force water under your shingles, and, over time, cause structural damage and/or leakage issues. Let us come and remove the snow for you and replace it with peace of mind!

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